Make WiFi Great Again!

What gives? Did something change?

Yes, tons has changed! A long time ago when modems stopped beeping, and broadband was a thing, there still weren’t many devices in people’s home. Maybe a laptop was using wireless, still, more commonly smartphones didn’t exist. Fast-forward to 2007, smartphones and other WiFi-enabled devices were showing up in the home. These broadband data sucking vampires were relentless on our poor old WiFi access points. They all expect to hoard data; our home WiFi networks were starving, data was suffering the most. Bits were dropped left (☚) and right ( ☛), things were crazy for awhile. Fear not, WiFi software has evolved to support Multiple Users with Multiple Input & Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), I’ve found an article that explains this in human terms. In very basic terms with all the new access point technology, you will not have to worry about slow WiFi for your 100+ WiFI enabled devices in your home.

WiFi all the smart things

I started to write this blog when I learned my current WiFi solution is planned to be left in the dust by one of the largest software & hardware companies in the world 🙁

Before Apple disbanded their Airport engineering team the choice for a great wireless solution in your home was easy, just buy the AirPort Extreme Base Station, maybe even get two! But after this disappointing news why not check out all the companies that are innovating in wireless connections for all the devices you have at home.

It seems like there has been an explosion of options to blanket your home with WiFi. Having connectivity without dead zones is a theme that is popping up in social media feeds and even hallway conversation. There are too many options for me to afford and test out one by one, so I am pulling together information I have gathered from friends, and articles online.

  • Orbi – Multiple friends say this is the one to get. This device comes from veteran NetGear; they’ve compared themselves to a couple of competitors.
  • Netgear Nighthawk -Netgear makes more than one 🙂 Has Voice-command controls (seems like a gimmick)
  • Starry Station – Features seem fun, and in many cases useful. This device even recommends when to place a device on 5GHz versus 2.4GHz.
  • eero Home WiFi – Eero has a great blog, and they don’t compare themselves to others, Eero seems like it is comparable to Luma, but without some of the features.
  • Luma Home WiFi – Luma has a chart on their homepage that gives a comparison to the “big” guys. It is quite compelling, and currently my top runner if I were to buy new WiFi access points.
  • Google home WiFi – They are new to the game, but Google has an ability to update the software with ease. I’ve not heard too much from friends on this one, but it is worth considering.

I’d love to hear from anyone else out there who is making the jump into modern WiFi technology!