August Smart Lock

My overall rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

August smart lock on door
August smart lock on deadbolt door.

Basic info

The August Smart Lock is a battery powered lock for a deadbolt door that provides virtual keys for guests, automatically locks and unlocks your door and integrates with other August products:

  1. August Connect – Remotely control your August Smart Lock
  2. August Doorbell Camera – Video and Voice doorbell
  3. August Smart Keypad – Keycode entry for the August Smart Lock

August integrates with Apple’s HomeKit, has IFTTT support, has an iOS and Android App, has an Alexa Skill.

What does the product promise?

This product promises to provide controlled access to your doors, very simple!

How well does the product deliver?

Sharing access to my house has been easy with August! We regularly have family and friends that stay with us, and using Digital Keys is super easy.

Is it a good value? For whom?

I believe that this is a good value for the ease of controlling access to your home. The lock has saved me from having to coordinate with contractors to be home with a key when they need access. The lock had saved me time from having to call my dog walker (who had a physical key) to let us in when we lost our key. It is easy to match door hardware colors with the lock color, so the aesthetics are quite nice. Using the Alexa Skill to lock the door on my way out is the standard way for me to lock my door now!

After having this in our house for over six months, it is hard to think about having to lock my doors with a key! Initially, there was a lot of skepticism that a smart lock would be secure, but after reading online about an August hack and chatting directly with August support, I didn’t have much concern.

How long have I used it?

I’ve used the August smart lock now for over six months, and not having to fish keys out of a pocket to unlock or lock the door is useful.

How much did I pay?

I purchased four August devices, three of the devices were HomeKit enabled, one was an older model that I have on a door to my utility room. The prices ranged from ($150-$225)

What was the setup time?

Installing the lock the first time took me around 25 minutes, however, that was because I couldn’t figure out how to take off the back of my deadbolt! Once I had the door hardware disassembled putting to lock on was only 5 minutes of time.

Getting the app setup with an account took another few minutes, but I was up and running in under 35 minutes total time. Each additional installation was much quicker.

How is their customer support?

August is very responsive (dare I say they are amazing!) to any customer support questions I have emailed in. I saw responses usually the same day, and the company seems genuinely interested in making sure customers trust the product.

What problems have I had?

  1. Added incorrect user – Initially when adding a new user there was no way to revoke the invitation if you made a mistake. After contacting support, they released an app update that allowed me to remove the incorrect user
  2. Low Battery Warning – I changed the batteries the first time I received this warning from the app but thought this might not be the problem, I was right as brand new batteries still had a warning.
  3. Recalibrate the locks – I am not sure why, but a couple of times the locks wouldn’t lock all the way, and I had to re-run the calibration

What do I like about the product?

  1. Digital Keys! – Not having to make copies of keys for the family is priceless
  2. Control access times – Being able to provide windows of access is very useful
  3. Log of who’s unlocked and locked doors – A little piece of mind that there is a record of who is coming and going.
  4. The fact that the outside of the door looks the same! – Keeping the aesthetics of the original door was important to me